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Our third issue zine 5.5x8.5 full color with gloss cover and matte inside pages.


Cover Art by Andie Biggs



Andie Biggs

Derek Peel


Dee Williams

Chris Anthony

Mandy Seiner

Lou Barrett

Dee Words

Ennis Rook Bashe

Aleenah Ansari

Kat Nestel

James Goldworthy

Jules Cantu

Darcy/Grey Cooper

BJ Colangelo

Sheena Zilla

Ben Driver

Nikolai Peacock

Karly Storms

Krista Ray Muranda de Ebro

Marlene Juliane

AnaÏs Ocler

Archie Budzar

Sarah Hingley

Bethany Fulks

Molly Howarth

Arikah Lynne

Xander Foster

Maria Marquis

Georgiana Pagounis

Lanöe Orlane

Issue 3: Queer Love

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