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A digital version of ISSUE 2: Resilience.


Cover Art by Nico Day



Krissy M Johnson

Hannah Coleman

Joe Sellers


Ethan Edward

Todd Jeffrey

Laura Ferries

Ann Wilder

Magda N-W

Dee Williams

Lou Barrett

Kat Nestel

Evan Saunders

Nico Day

John Stone

Andrew Biggs

Sofia Sparks

ISSUE 2: Resilience Digital Version

  • You may only use the Content for personal use only on your personal devices. For clarity, you may not use the Content in products for resale, license or any other distribution. For example, you cannot superficially modify the Content, print it on a t-shirt, poster, template or any other item, and sell it to others for consumption, reproduction or re-sale. That would be ridiculously uncool.