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Queering Nature         Dee Words

Prince Georges County, MD



As the bee floats to the nectar, 


I am drawn to you

for what you offer me.

Something so sweet

that it brings out

what is best and most fruitful in me,

and in return I share with you.

We defy nature’s natural order,

we disrupt 

the ecosystem.

Is it possible that you do not 

see me as I see you?


the tingle in my chest

like a constant buzz,


drowning out anything,

silencing everything,

quells any doubt.

I am swarming,

my hive has space for 

me, for you, 

my heart has space for us.

let the keeper keep us and 

call it home.



I see now why

they call them butterflies:

when hearts spread

open as wide as wings,

there is nothing more exciting

than those feelings,

like a gentle flutter in the breeze.

a knowing gaze that lasts

a moment too long;

the tremors that stem from

the curiosity of a new touch,

ignite the flight within me.



deft fingers reach out


caressing soft petals,

careful not to crush.



with restraint.

gently tracing curves, edges,

rough patches.

but we are not flowers,

we are the fertilizer

for love stories

still untold,

future gardens

yet to bloom.

everything that lives

can decompose

to breath fresh life

into the new ground we lay.

where there are two hearts

that beat,

there is room for love 

to blossom.



when it blows up in your face,

when it shatters you to the core,

when you are blinded by a flash of light,

when you hear the deafening roar.


when your body tears from top to bottom,

when you’re a casualty of war,

when the words you exchange leave you burnt crisp from their flames,

that, my love, is amor.



if you don't allow

bitterness to spoil

the taste of memories,

then they can remain

as sweet years later

as they were at the

peak of their season.


don't spit out the names

of past lovers, instead

let them fall gently into

the basket carrying the

fruits of your labors:

life lessons, experiences,